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We specialise in aerial surveying throughout East Kent

Aerial Survey

Whether you need to survey a property or building, our aerial surveying and inspection services allow us to reach inaccessible and dangerous locations both quickly and safely.

We can also make short work of large-scale sites and if required can film up to the legal height of 400 feet.

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) for surveying has become increasingly popular

With a wide range of benefits, thanks to recent advances in filming quality and technology, surveying professionals are relying on drones to carry out a variety of surveying tasks.

With greater pixel density in camera technology, this ensures that the overall accuracy of aerial surveys is maximised and it allows drones to capture high definition images in all weather conditions.

The data is easily captured from the air with limited health and safety concerns. Our Drones are ideal to capture data in dangerous or sensitive environments, with minimal risk to the surveying professional piloting the drone and the public.

Drones make it easier than ever before to access hard to reach locations. With a pre-planned flight path, drones can access masts, tall buildings, towers, roofs and wind turbines with ease while providing excellent results.

Large areas can be covered in a short period of time. This reduces time from initial planning, through to the final data processing, ensuring a quick turnaround in a time-sensitive project.

With relatively low overheads and significantly reduced costs, compared to traditional methods, drones open new possibilities and perspectives with regards to what is possible and affordable in aerial surveys

89% cut in surveying time for a 12 acre property, from 100 hours down to 2!

Source: Drone Deploy’s 2018 Commercial Drone Industry Trends Report by Goldman Sachs

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